About Dennis


I’m an Albany, New York, writer who likes to explore history, culture, and politics. I’ve written profiles, news and travel stories, essays, humor, and magazine pieces for publications such as the New York TimesReader’s Digest, and Mother Jones, as well as for the companion websites to the PBS TV shows Antiques Roadshow and American Experience. History has always been a passion, and I’ve recently authored a popular history book on the Civil War and another on the presidents (The Seven-Day Scholar series, Hyperion, 2011, 2012), which were promoted by the History Channel, as well as a history of the modern teachers’ union movement (SUNY Press, 2007).

Albany, New York, is the small-town city where I’ve put down roots. My wife Kathy is from Albany and we’ve raised our daughter here. I love my home, and I’ve been involved in local politics, including successful efforts to rebuild Albany’s public schools and public libraries. Until July 2012, I served as president of the Albany Public Library Board of Trustees, helping usher in five new neighborhood libraries. Other loves: basketball, woodworking, photography, canoeing, and my newest playtime passion—the ukulele.